Our Partners

Technology Partners


Applied Computing and Engineering Ltd., UK

DiFACTO represents AC&E’s products in India for manufacturing simulation software products including CimStation Robotics (CSR) and CMMSimulator.

Dynalog Inc

Dynalog Inc., USA

Dynalog, is the world leader in the field of robotic calibration and robot performance analysis equipment. In partnership with Dynalog, DiFACTO provides high precision industrial robot calibration solutions.

Eftec Germany

Eftec Engineering, Germany

Eftec is the eminent leader in Sealing and Waxing systems. DiFACTO is partnered with Eftec to provide the robotic solutions for sealing and waxing applications to Indian automotive and non automotive companies.

Sales Partners


Okaya & Co.

OKAYA & CO., LTD. engages in the Japan-based sale, exporting and importing of products in a multifaceted manner via the global network of the Okaya Group. DiFACTO is closely associated with Okaya for offering our Robot automation solutions to Okaya’s customers

Manchester tool corp

Manchester Tool Corp.

Manchester Tool Corp has entered into a agreement with DiFACTO for representing DiFACTO in Coimbatore area. They represent DiFACTO mainly in the machine tending and foundry segment