Our Partners

DiFACTO works with technology partners from around the globe to complement the industrial robot engineering services offered. These partners typically specialize in a particular technology/market and provide a unique and innovative solution to customers' needs. DiFACTO's works with partners in a trusting, open and transparent environment, which enables promotion of individual business interests, maintain individual brand identities and at the same time, ensure profitable business through good customer relationships.

DiFACTO is proud to represent the following companies in India and provide technical support for their products:

  • Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd., UK specializing in Design and Manufacturing Simulation Software
  • Dynalog Inc, USA specializing in Precision Robot Cell Calibration Systems


AC-E LtdApplied Computing & Engineering Ltd (AC&E Ltd) is a reputed design and manufacturing simulation solutions company located at Birchwood, Warrington, UK

AC&E Ltd. provides numerically accurate, yet highly visual, simulation solutions for engineering and technical organizations. From leading-edge simulation technology for the most advanced applications, to simpler simulations giving engineers and manufacturers that vital competitive insight into the performance of their products and processes, AC&E’s expertise in simulation software and carefully tuned hardware configurations, reduces time-to-market and can dramatically improve product quality and performance.

DiFACTO represents AC&E Ltd. in India for their various Manufacturing Simulation software products including the CIM Station Robotics (CSR) and CMM simulator.


Dynalog IncDynalog is a U.S. based, privately held robotics technology company with its headquarters in Oakland County, just North of Detroit, Michigan.
Dynalog is the established leader in the field of robotic calibration and robot performance analysis equipment. Dynalog continually develops, designs, and improves its existing and new product lines to help customers achieve the highest performance possible with industrial robots.

Dynalog has earned a solid reputation around the world for product and service superiority by providing state-of-the-art equipment and software to meet the flexible automation needs and production requirements of our customers.

In partnership with Dynalog, DiFACTO provides high precision industrial robot calibration solutions.

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