Customized Solutions

DiFACTO develops new technologies to automate customer processes which have not been automated previously in a reliable, cost-effective manner. A few of the unique and exclusive automation solutions developed by our Technology Development Group include:

img customized solutions
img customized solutions 2
  • High speed, flexible robotic ‘Patient Information Leaflet’ pasting application on medicine bottles for a leading pharmaceutical company. The challenge was to feed and insert 90 PILs per-minute, while being flexible enough to enable a less than 1 minute change-over of the machine. DiFACTO developed a machine designed to handle about 40 different PIL sizes and meet the customer specifications. The system is fully compliant with the stringent health and sterilisation norms of the pharma industry. 
  • Tube-to-Fin Stack Insertion: Air conditioners (both domestic and commercial) use Evaporator Coil Assemblies as heat exchangers. The insertion of Tube to Fin-Stack has been difficult to automate due to the collapsible nature of the copper tubes, the flimsy nature of the fin stack stampings as well as the tight tolerance between the copper tubes and the holes of the fin stacks. Further complicating the process is the huge number of product variants that a manufacturer typically produces. DiFACTO, in collaboration with a leading Chinese household goods manufacturer has developed a unique machine to assemble the tubes to fin stacks in a fast, reliable and cost-effective manner, enabling automation of this labour intensive operation.
  • Dross Skimming: DiFACTO has designed and developed a system to take-off the oxide layer from molten metal moulds of an ingot casting plant. DiFACTO developed a unique skimming tool with special material to withstand the very high temperatures of the molten metal as well as accurately follow the moulds on the moving conveyor.