DiFACTO Services

DiFACTO initially started out in 2007 as a robot engineering services company. Having now diversified into supplying turnkey system solutions, DiFACTO still offers engineering services to enable customers and integrators implement industrial robot based automation systems.

DiFACTO’s range of robot engineering services include:

  • Robot Simulation & Off Line Programming
  • Onsite Robot Programming
  • Training
  • Robot Calibration
  • Design & Consultancy
  • Line Shifting
  • Used Robot Commissioning

DiFACTO’s services are typically engaged by:

Manufacturing Industries

DiFACTO works directly with major automotive and general industries to implement engineering services to meet their automation requirements.

Automation Suppliers

Several turnkey automation suppliers have used DiFACTO’s services to supplement their staff for providing robot-based services. DiFACTO has worked with automation companies in the USA, Japan, China, Korea and Europe to support their installations overseas, as well as in India. Typically, DiFACTO works with the automation companies from the integration stage at their facility to the final commissioning of the equipment at the end-customer’s shop-floor.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Industries supplying automated manufacturing equipment such as machine tool manufacturers, paint shop suppliers, stamping and forging press manufacturers, foundry equipment manufacturers, in-line inspection equipment suppliers, and others use DiFACTO’s services to integrate robots with their equipment to offer turnkey systems to their customers.

Robot Manufacturers & Suppliers

DiFACTO works closely with several leading robot companies to support their automation solutions to customers. These services have included software testing, training on their products, simulation support, on-site programming support, post-commissioning trouble-shooting, etc.

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USA  +1 248 556 5401