Foundry & Forge

DiFACTO Foundry solutions automate casting and forging processes helping in better working conditions for human operators and increased throughput for our customers. Our solution offerings include handling of hot billets, handling molten aluminium, degating and deflashing castings, among many other applications.

Foundry & Forge
Foundry & Forge
  • Handling of sand cores from core shooters
  • Sand core deburring (Defining), gluing and handling
  • Robotic Dross Skimming
  • Robotic Furnace Poking/ Cleaning Solutions
  • Molten Metal Ladling
  • High-Pressure Die Casting extraction and insert placement
  • Low-Pressure and Gravity Die-Casting
  • Transfer of billets in and out of hot and cold forge machines
  • Runner and Gate Cutting Solutions
  • Fettling and de-flashing of castings
  • Robotic plasma cutting
  • Robotic grinding and finishing
Foundry & Forge


Foundry & Forge

Metal Pouring

Sand-core Handling